Fave Hair and Skin Products

I probably am the laziest person when it comes to skin care. I’m just really noncompliant when it comes to following a specific skin routine (I know, I’m bad) but lately, as I age, I realized keeping your skin clean and healthy is really important. I wear a lot of makeup, and I break out alot too. It’s been a struggle for me since college and it left marks which I’m Continue reading “Fave Hair and Skin Products”

LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend

 City Lights. The Night Life. Crazy people (in a good way). Booze. Casinos.  Las Vegas is indeed one of the best place to celebrate your Birthday to. It’s like a paradise to most people. They didn’t call it Sin City for no reason but I behaved myself pretty well like I always do. Continue reading “LAS VEGAS | Birthday Weekend”

Top 5 Lies Women Tell Men

Women are hard to figure out sometimes..  I mean most of the time, especially when we’re on our period. Estrogen level is so high, we could pop off to pretty much everything. But it’s not always because of the hormones though. Men are impatient most of the time, they don’t bother to dig deeper to the problem, sometimes they just ignore the signs even though they’re well aware that something is going on or something’s bothering their girl. Sometimes they just don’t wanna deal with it which could lead to more complicated misunderstandings. In order to understand women, men should read between the lines. Continue reading “Top 5 Lies Women Tell Men”